Learn the 5 senses with Charlie

3-5 | iOS | Android

Mini TFO presents Learn the 5 Senses-Mini TFO, the educational application that introduces children to the senses of sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. Charlie is a playful little boy from the Mini TFO universe who invites children aged three to five - as well their parents - to explore the five senses and the organs associated with them. Bring Charlie objects
and foods so he can experience a wide range of sensations, open your eyes wide to help him find objects and much, much more!

• five games to help children recognize the five senses and the organs associated with them
• one exploration activity at the end of each game to encourage children to take pictures of their surroundings
• games made even more fun by Charlie's reactions and variations – every experience is different
• educational games promoting discovery and a rich and varied vocabulary to describe sensations
• intuitive interface – perfect for children aged two to six


Finalist Excellence Award Youth Alliance Media Alliance 2016 - Interactive Content - Learning


Logo Apprendre les 5 sens avec Charlie
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